Getting What You Want

I overheard someone say the following in a work setting the other day:

"Anything that is good and worthwhile takes a lot of time."

It sounds like an obvious no-brainer, but it's important to digest its complete meaning.

In today's fast-food world, we want convenience so we have drive-thru.

In the technology world, we want instant information, so we search on Google.

All of this has truly corrupted our perception of true value and the time it takes to create it.

Fast food is terrible for you. Better, much healthier food must be measured and prepared.

Instant access to information isn't natural. What ever happened to learning something new over time?

When you know what you want, assess the quality in which you want it in and proceed with the utmost patience and dedication.

In the case of my wife and our new home, she wanted double vanities for bathrooms, and of course, her persistence allowed her to get her way in the end. However, you better believe she had to be patient throughout the process.