Gen-Y Capital

Earlier this week, the White House announced the launch of the YEC's newest project, Gen Y Capital Partners.

Here is a description of the project directly from a personal email from Scott Gerber, the Founder of the YEC:

Gen Y Capital Partners will invest $10M in early-stage ventures and will be the world's first early stage startup accelerator for generation Y, by generation Y. In addition to capital, our first-of-its-kind approach combines the benefits of Income Based Repayment, academic partnerships and a support network of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the country (you!), to remove many of the barriers young entrepreneurs face in creating new businesses and jobs for themselves and their peers. This is a new, scalable 360 degree approach to investing in our nation's youth.

The concept of Gen Y Capital Partners was born over a year ago, but in the past few months it has become a reality with the help of a solid team of fellow YEC members and entrepreneurs; Jeremy Johnson Co-Founder and CMO of 2tor, Carissa Reiniger Founder and CEO of Silver Lining Limited, and Lauren Maillian Bias Founder and CEO of Luxury Market Branding are working hard to build every aspect of the company with our advisors.

We look forward to receiving piles of business plans from our country's future innovators, and it all starts with your support. Thank you!

Your fearless leader,

Scott Gerber
Founder and President of YEC