Fundraising Friday: $1 Saves Two Lives

As I mentioned last week, giving back has become a more prominent part of my weekly tasks. This new feature called "Fundraising Fridays" has become one of my favorite moments for I get to scour the web and donate my resources to make things better for less fortunate people around me. Today's feature is one that I hope can spread to many. It's easy to take part since the campaign is only requesting $1 per donor. That $1 goes a long way. It buys an HIV test for a pregnant woman in Congo. Keeping her healthy before she gives birth saves both her and her baby's life.

Provide One HIV Test and Save Two Lives

Think about what you're doing today. If it's more important than saving two lives, you might want to reconsider your priorities like I have.

It's $1 and it literally takes one minute to make the donation.