Fun Ways to Encourage Staff to Keep the Office Clean

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No matter which duties are actually performed in your office, ensuring staff know exactly how to clean their workstations, and precisely what you expect from them in the relation to the amount of clutter that accumulated on their desks should be a top priority. All too often I see offices in need of a damn good clean, and although this might not matter so much to some, if your clients take the time to pay you a visit, their first impression isn’t going to be terrific. This is why you need to take the bull by the horns and make a stand now before it’s too late.

For the most part, your employees will probably be very cooperative with the new policy you put in place, although some may resist. If this happens, simply remind them who pays their wages, and I’m certain you’ll find them falling into line quicker than you can say “jobseekers allowance”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should act like a fascist dictator, far from it. This will be very much a team effort, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reinforce your authority if some workers respond more favourably than others.

Turn It Into A Game

People love playing games, especially when there’s the potential to get a reward at the end of it, so why not consider using this information to encourage your staff? The finer details will obviously be up to you, but I’d suggest offering weekly bottles of wine to the tidiest employees will help to achieve a vast increase in the will to clean. Alternatively, perhaps some bi-monthly family tickets to a theme park like Drayton Manor or Alton Towers would do the trick.

Put Some Music On

It’s always a good idea to have all staff members do their cleaning at the same time, and the most sensible is probably at the end of the day. So, why not consider bringing some drum and bass CDs into the workplace to help encourage your employees to complete the task a little faster, and with a bit more enthusiasm. This will also mean many of your workers will have a relaxing and happy end to their day, which is obviously a good thing, especially at this time of year when everybody's working extra hard to fulfill their quota before Christmas.

Just Leave It For Someone Else

If the people you employ work exceptionally hard all day completing complicated tasks and highly-skilled paperwork, maybe you should consider contacting a reputable cleaning firm and having them send a couple of workers along to take care of this issue for you. We used to use a brilliant company from Nottingham who provided ideal services at a fantastically low price, so don’t overlook this option, it might be more viable than you imagine.

Well, that’s about it from me today, just one last thought though - maybe if you secured a small office basketball hoop over the waste paper bin, your staff might be more inclined to work on their aim, which should result in far fewer screwed up balls on the floor surrounding it.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you soon - peace out!