Even If You Fear the Unknown...

Too many people are reluctant to start something new. Whether it’s an activity, a business operation or anything else that comes with some risk, too many people feel that change can be dangerous. The overused phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” gets utilized a lot in this situation. Unfortunately, these people are missing out on some of the most exciting aspects of life…. the unexpected. Predictability tends to get old and mundane very quickly. Not only are you experiencing a lack of excitement in your life, but everyone around you (or the fans of your company) sees you as a person (or company) without a story to tell. After all, without a little excitement, who is going to want to listen to your repetitive life experiences?

Do me a favor and keep an open-mind at all times. The next time someone approaches you with a new idea, or an activity you have never attempted, embrace it with open arms. It’s usually those activities that end up changing your attitude, your life, and in business, these changes are what changes the game.

Even if you fear the unknown... embrace it.