You've heard it before...

"All good things must come to an end."

Throughout a life experience of ups and downs, losses and gains, and infinite unpredictability, I have been fortunate (or not so) to live through the juxtaposing extremes of life.

At some point, some of my favorite things in the world got used up, concluded, or evolved into an entirely different entity.

I have come to realize that like a story, beginnings are just a sinister tease of some sort of conclusion. As soon as you experience something great, the overwhelming emotional pleasure gets swallowed up by the fear of ending. If nothing lasts forever, how can one overcome such an emotional roller coaster of love and fear? The process seems to be nestled in a tautological sequence.

The only thing you can do is learn to accept inevitability. As soon as you figure out that failures can lead to greater successes and that losses can turn into even more gains, you learn to pivot in life. Pivoting is everything. With one single motion, you can create momentum and ensure that your expectations aren't swallowed up by short-term desires the next time around.