Economic Turnaround

Last night, the Dow and S&P reached all-time highs. If that"s not a telltale sign that our economy is stabilizing, I don"t know what is.


Look around you. Are your peers still struggling to find jobs?

Over the last several years, our country was hit by a wave of confusion above anything else. Technology and the web started not only replacing jobs, but it also made some of us lazier and more distracted during the workday. Now that we all have had the time to adapt to these changes, we are using these, what once were "frightening," developments to our advantage. We"re becoming more efficient and simultaneously less distracted.

If you take a step back and take an unfiltered gander at where we are today, you"ll be more excited than ever about our future. We have the most innovative and game-changing companies leading the markets, new ones being spawned every day, more jobs being created, better trainings on specific skills, and (slowly) improved education systems for our children.

I"ve always said that our problems stemmed from unpreparedness. We have sadly never known what we are good at as a country.

I"d like to consider today/this month/this year the pivot point for all of us. It"s where we all focus more on our output so that we take the appropriate journey that gets us to THAT goal. This starts with good parenting, proceeds with healthy socializing, and concludes with a strong knowledge base in a skillset that the market values.

Let"s be good at that. Let"s make sure we are training ourselves to fill (or create) the jobs we need and ENJOY. If we do that, the Dow and S&P will only continue to rise from here.