As much as I try to refrain from posting about music and entertainment on this blog (this is an entrepreneurial blog), I wanted to point my readers' attention to the post I just published on my music blog, Music's Master.

After last night's Grammy's, I couldn't help but think about the concept behind discovering something before it goes mainstream. In some cases, it's a new product, a new restaurant, startup, or movie. In most cases, however, it's a new musician or entertainer.

In December, I celebrated 4 years of admiration for Adele. To be able to look back at something you discovered so long ago and see where that thing has grown to today is a phenomenal feeling.

If only something like this was similar to a young company.

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If I could have invested in Adele in 2007, I definitely would have.

Please do me a favor and head on over to Music's Master and take a look at .