Conference Goodie Bags: 5 Key Giveaways for your next conference to promote your brand

The 5 Best Giveaways For Your Next Conference

Attending conferences takes a lot of time, planning and money.  People go to learn something new and useful, of course.  But the most important reason that many business people attend is networking, meeting people that they can do business with later.  So attendees wander from table to table, chatting with everyone and accumulating bags full of swag.  Some of the giveaways will be from your company's table.

Selecting the items you give away also takes a lot of time, planning and money.  The first thing to focus on when choosing the items is on what not to buy.  Most attendees will be flying and have limited luggage space.  The item can't be large and must be useful.  It should be branded with your company's name, but not obnoxiously so.  The best item will be something used every day and nice enough that other people will ask the attendee where they got it.  The perfect item will spread your company's name in a very positive way.  The goal is to be remembered so that when the occasion arises, you'll get a phone call and do some business.

Lanyards and name badges are that perfect item.  They are available in a wide variety of styles and colors and will display your company's brand.  An appropriate lanyard and improved name badge holder will be used.  Here is a list of the 5 best items for your next conference giveaways.

1. Lanyards

There are lanyards that will fit your budget, plain, printed or even bling.  An adjustable lanyard would be a great conference giveaway.  Many people would love to be able to adjust their lanyard to the perfect length.

2. Badge wallets

Badge wallets offer the attendee a way to store small items such as business cards or conference information in the pocket behind the badge. Perfect for storing all the other bits and bobs people collect at conferences.

3. Smart card or magnetic badge holders

As more businesses are issuing smart cards, people need a holder designed especially for them.  The magnetic badge holder is very popular with men, as the badge can be attached to their belt or shirt pocket, eliminating the need for a lanyard.

4. Retractable Badge Reels

Retractable badge reels are an especially good giveaway for attendees in an industry that normally prefers retractable, compact ID holders.

5. Arm Band ID holders

The arm band ID holder is a keeper for anyone who needs a secure way to hold their badge without a lanyard.  Active people, people who work with machinery or anyone who would rather not use a lanyard will love the arm band ID holder.

You will have no problem finding the perfect lanyard and name badge holder to give away at your next conference.  They are the perfect small, useful item that the attendees will bring home and use after the conference.  For a relatively small investment, you can keep your brand in front of potential customers every day.  

Michael is a keen blogger who began working with My Badges before moving into marketing to help people promote their brands.