Climbing a Mountain

Step after step. Leap after leap. Trying to strategically place your foot on the sturdiest of rocks to prevent yourself from falling. Climbing a mountain is no easy feat. That’s exactly why I make an annual resolution to take a hike every summer. What can I say? – I guess I relish in the challenge. To me, ascending a mountain and reaching the absolute summit is synonymous with so many aspects of life. I relate it with love and the efforts one must make to maintain a healthy relationship. I hold it up against starting a business and watching it grow or deflate depending on the actions one takes. Most of all, I compare it to life.

Yes, climbing a mountain can be tough. But doesn’t the journey depend on the trail you choose and the summit you look to reach?

Below, you will see a brief video of my recent ascension up Mt. Moosilauke in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Like everything in life, hard work yields the greatest successes.