A Seat at the Table

The chair was pushed out but always left empty. 

I wanted to leave, but the facts would prevent me.

All we ever needed was your presence.

Your ora, your charm, your essence.

They say the hardest part is showing up.

When you're just a kid, you don't quite know enough.

Everything is a risk; something you can calculate.

Do the math, think about it - evaluate.

Will and abilities are probably stronger than silly.

Perhaps that's why they call it probability.



Our broken stature is never shattered

As our thoughts that are sadder become scattered

The one true thing that matters 

Is that you are not alone.

I can't help but feel helpless

When compelling the selfless seems selfish

I can not be the only one that has felt this

I know I'm not alone.

My brothers, let's bounce back, recover

Turn haters into lovers

Smother compassion on each other

So that we are not alone.

The pain will remain unexplained

Until a saint can complain his disdain

There's only one lane for the insane

Is it to be alone?

My nerve endings are bending 

While this blending of messages we're sending

Suggests that the friending is ending

But it can't

Because no one is ever alone.



When There's Nothing Around

When there's nothing around

There's more to see.

There's less garbage on the streets

There are fewer signs to read.

When there's nothing around

It's easier to hear.

There aren't any cars honking horns

Nor are there crowds to march and cheer.

When there's nothing around

There's plenty of air to breathe. 

There's nothing to distract the senses

Because your senses aren't hard to believe.

When there's nothing around

It's much easier to think.

There are more ideas within clearer minds

And I can say so with a wink.