August 2018

I have to keep a few events close to the vest this month. I have a few private projects picking up momentum, but I am yet to be able to share information about them. 

That said, here is what is shareable for the month of August:

  • August 11th: Monster Jam at BBT Center
  • August 17th: Umphrey's McGee at Fillmore Miami
  • August 18th: Lindsey Stirling at Coral Sky Ampitheater
  • August 26th: Braves at Marlins

Since I just got back from a lengthy vacation, I look forward to staying home and lounging for the first few weeks. 

What about you?

What do you have planned in August?


July 2018

This month, there will be a little bit of travel. For the most part, though, I'll be head down working on a handful of secret projects. Shhhh...

Here is what I have on my calendar for the month of July:

  • July 4th: 4th of July!
  • July 6th: Coheed and Cambria at Bayfront Park
  • July 10th: 3 Doors Down at Mizner Park
  • July 14th: Sam Smith at American Airlines Arena
  • July 19th: The Rocket Summer at Culture Room
  • July 23rd: Braves at Marlins
  • July 24th: Smashing Pumpkins at American Airlines Arena
  • July 25th: Glass Animals at Fillmore Miami
  • July 31st: Lauryn Hill at Bayfront Park

There are a lot of exciting events to look forward to this month. I'll try my best to stay out in the sun too long. 

What are you going to be up to?

What do you have planned in July?


The Write Time

A busy writer's biggest dilemma is when output transforms into quantity over quality when tasked with too much. How can a writer keep up with the demands of writing for business, clients, news, books, blogs, and for herself?

It's not easy to prioritize how much creativity goes into which outlet. And after a while, nonstop writing starts to feed into each other through repetitive word usage and involuntary theming. 

My point here is that even when external obligations keep a writer away from their source of inspiration, a writer should still write. 

You may not be able to find the writing today, but it's out of their mind and in the world somewhere. It could be on a computer, written on a piece of paper, or waiting in a queue ready to be published. 

Thanks for your patience with writers. There will be a lot more great content to read soon.  

March 2018

What's in store in March? Here's what I have on my calendar for the month right now:

  • March 4th: Fleet Foxes at the Fillmore
  • March 5th: Daughtry at Parker Playhouse
  • March 10th: Steve Martin & Martin Short at Broward Center
  • March 11th: Spoon at Revolution
  • March 24th: Dear Hunter at Revolution
  • March 29th: MLB Season Starts

I greatly look forward to a few other special family events that will be taking place in March. We may also be traveling somewhere in the middle of the month, but we're just keeping the option open for now. Finally, my local baseball league's season will be starting back up by the end of the month as well. 

What do you have planned in March?


February 2018

What's in store for the shorter second month of 2018? Here's what I have on my calendar right now:

  • February 8-10: Podfest in Orlando
  • February 14: Valentine's Day
  • February 18: Puddles Pity Party
  • February 19: President's Day
  • February 23: Keynoting Entrepreneurship at Miami Senior High School

It's going to be a month of buckling down on the projects that I need to focus on and relaxing at home with my family. I'm trying not to overdo myself right now so we'll see how this month goes before I start to plan more events for March.

What do you have planned in February?


My 10 Favorite Films of 2017

10. Colossal

9. The Little Hours

8. Okja

7. Dunkirk

6. The Lovers

5. A Ghost Story

4. Baby Driver

3. Brigsby Bear

2. Get Out

1. The Big Sick

As a disclaimer, here is a list of films I have wanted to, but have not gotten around to seeing quite yet:

  • Mother!
  • Wonderstruck
  • Phantom Thread
  • The Florida Project
  • Ladybird
  • The Post
  • Columbus
  • The Disaster Artist
  • Personal Shopper
  • Call Me By Your Name

December 2017

What's in store for December? Here's what I have on my calendar right now:

  • Dec 1: Shinedown at Revolution
  • Dec 2: Shark Wrecked Music Festival
  • Dec 5: Facebook Investor Call
  • Dec 10: Polar Express Train Ride
  • Dec 17: Cirque Du Soleil Volta
  • Dec 20: School of Rock at Broward Center
  • Dec 24: Christmas Eve
  • Dec 25: Christmas Day
  • Dec 31: New Year's Eve

It's easy to argue that December is the best month of the year. After all, it's difficult to top the holiday season, cooler weather, and the resetting of New Year's resolutions.

What do you have planned for December?


Possessive Possessions

If you want to see all of the things that natural life accumulates over a lifetime, go to an estate sale. These individuals, regardless of their wealth, possess thousands of items, collectibles, and obsolete gadgets. It's a part of the natural evolution. If you never have a reason to assess what you have, it compounds forever.

But our life shouldn't be built by our physical possessions.

Now more than ever, I focus on what fulfills me and what makes me happy. Slowly but surely, you come to the realization that outside of the necessities, humans don't need much. A true minimalist will argue that you only need a few shirts and one pair of pants.

This newfound sentiment toward not having too many useless goods has me thinking much differently as holiday sales approach. 

I no longer strive to own a new television for 50% less. I don't want the new gadget that I won't use three months later. 

Best of all, I don't want to plague others with stuff they don't need. 

So I'm coming up with better ways to give gifts of value this year.

I feel very liberated this holiday season. Good luck selling me on your product this year. :)


Two Audiences

Generally speaking, there are two audiences for this blog.

There's you (because you're reading this).

And there's me. 

I don't worry about finding my target demographic or saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. 

You're here because you want to be. If you don't, you'll leave and never come back. 

On the other hand, you may enjoy my perspective. In that case, I'm hopeful that you will check back here periodically. 

At the end of the day, though, this is all for me. I'm my best audience because of how writing makes me feel. 

My writing is cathartic, inspirational, and a great way for me remind myself of the importance of showing up.

I'll keep showing up here.

My other audience? Well, that's up to you. 


A Seat at the Table

The chair was pushed out but always left empty. 

I wanted to leave, but the facts would prevent me.

All we ever needed was your presence.

Your ora, your charm, your essence.

They say the hardest part is showing up.

When you're just a kid, you don't quite know enough.

Everything is a risk; something you can calculate.

Do the math, think about it - evaluate.

Will and abilities are probably stronger than silly.

Perhaps that's why they call it probability.


November 2017

What's in store for November? Allow me to count the events below:

  • Nov 1: Facebook Earnings Call
  • Nov 1: Tesla Earnings Call
  • Nov 2: Digital Demo Day
  • Nov 6: Iron & Wine at the Culture Room
  • Nov 8: Hoodie Allen at Revolution
  • Nov 10: Alt-J at Fillmore Miami
  • Nov 12: Circa Survive & Thrive at Fillmore Miami
  • Nov 15: Love Never Dies at Broward Center
  • Nov 23: Thanksgiving
  • Nov 23: Turkey Trot
  • Nov 24: Sebastian Maniscalco at Broward Center
  • Nov 29: My twins' 2nd birthday!

There may be a trip to Disney World thrown in there.

And with baseball still happening every week, it's going to be a jam-packed month.

What do you have planned in November?



As I get older, I only get better. 

It's reassuring to know that I view my life without regret. I've already accomplished most to all of my goals, fulfilled many dreams, and continue to thrive off of my own fulfillment and happiness. Looking at aging as an asset is a daily motivation.

Today I'm not one day older than I was yesterday but rather one day smarter

I'm only thirty-three, yet I have done so much. How much more value can I present to the world the next thirty-three years? 

Another reassurance... I know I won't be relenting anytime soon. 


The Best Television Shows of 2017 (So Far)

The final installment of the "So Far in 2017" countdowns is my list of favorite television shows of the year. With Netflix stepping up their game, HBO continuing to create stellar content, and the rise of Amazon video, there is no question we are living in the golden age of television.

Television is so good right now that there is no way any busy individual could watch every well-made show that is currently out. 

That said, I can still comment on the shows I did get to watch. 

Below is my list of favorite television shows of 2017 thus far:

  • 10. Big Little Lies
  • 9. The Defiant Ones
  • 8. 13 Reasons Why
  • 7. Twin Peaks: The Return
  • 6. Billions
  • 5. Master of None
  • 4. Mozart in the Jungle
  • 3. Silicon Valley
  • 2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • 1. Ozark

The Best Movies of 2017 (So Far)

There have been a ton of great indie movies released this year. While I haven't seen all of them yet, my favorite list could be compiled. 

See below for the top 10 best movies of 2017 thus far.

  • 10. Lemon
  • 9. Colossal
  • 8. Dunkirk
  • 7. It Comes at Night
  • 6. The Little Hours
  • 5. Baby Driver
  • 4. A Ghost Story
  • 3. Brigsby Bear
  • 2. The Big Sick
  • 1. Get Out