Buying Your Own Parts

You know the drill... You go to the mechanic. They assess the damage to your car. They quote you prices. You disagree and argue. They give you few other options. You give in.

It's almost as if the auto repair companies have a stranglehold on fixing cars. It's rightfully so, but only to a certain extent.

Where else do you get charged so much for such minute issues? It's interesting to think about because too many of us just accept it as standard practice in our lives.

If you look deeper into the auto care industry, you will realize that their business is multi-tiered. They mainly make money in two processes. The first is the service they give directly to customers and the second is the profit they make off of ordering car parts from their dealers.

If you want to think outside of the box and beat the system, you could order all of the auto parts you need and hire a mechanic to simply provide you with the service.

In business, this is the same as outsourcing service. We see a lot of that going on today. Why would my company hire a third party to hire someone else when I could save money working directly with that other firm in the first place?