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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bid On The City. All opinions are 100% mine.

While it's not yet time for me to purchase a second home in New York City, you better believe that I am starting to look and pay attention to the real estate market over there. Since Endagon has a small office there located in the city, I frequent the city and would love to take advantage of a great deal on a place when I see one.

When I heard about, I must admit - I was skeptical. How could anybody rely on an online auction to sell their place? From a buyer's perspective, it seemed too good to be true.

At first glance on the site, I found some incredible lofts listed for auction. Not only were they at reasonable prices, but they were top-notch properties that anyone would be fortunate to win an auction for.

For example, I found an 850 sq. ft apartment in Manhattan that was originally worth $325,000. This would be in my price range no matter how much the bidding price goes up to. For a place like this, I'd probably be willing to bid up to $200,000 if I was a serious buyer right now. That would still be an amazing deal.

The live time bidding event starts on Tuesday, November 16th and it features 18 properties worth $30 million. The best part is that the bidding starts at only $1!

Finally, if you feel so inclined, is also offering a $100K prize for anyone that can guess the final bidding prices of 10 consecutive auctions. How's that for a fun little contest?

While I may not make the move for several more months, you better believe I will keep checking to prepare for when I am ready.

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