Life is structured around the feeling of anticipation. Everyone’s lives can be segmented into small pieces or sets of series’ of events. During this holiday time, children anticipate opening their gifts from Santa. Adults may anticipate their time off work, or cherished time with scarcely seen family members.

Anticipation is the most valuable emotion a human can feel. And anticipation can be both positive and negative.

Have you ever met those entrepreneurs that continuously blab on about what they are working on and how it’s going to be the best thing ever? That’s an example of anticipation at its worst. These people lack any positive anticipation (AKA patience) and ruin it for everyone around them.

While it’s tough to not get excited about releasing a groundbreaking product into the wild, patience can be even more important than execution.

Whichever type of anticipator you are, there is no question that your life is consumed by anticipation. As you read this, you may be thinking about the parties that will be taking place on New Year’s Night or how you can’t wait to start your new workout regimen after the New Year.

Whatever you’re anticipating, just try to relax and let it develop when it’s ready.