A True Entrepreneur Never Quits

I'm a big Elon Musk fan. He began his entrepreneurial career by disrupting the payment space via PayPal. Then he moved into space exploration with the advent of SpaceX. Along the way, he's also managed to make electric cars sexy through Tesla and changed how we leverage solar energy with Solar City. When does this guy sleep?

As if the above wasn't enough to deal with, he announced his most ambitious game-changing idea to date last week.

The Hyperloop is his attempt to improve travel. It's essentially a pipe connecting cities that moves transporters at a rate somewhere north of 700mph. In typical Elon Musk fashion, he even claims the trip would only have to cost $20.

Like most disruptive ideas, this one has seen a lot of protest. But if he's right, his proposed $6 billion budget would save California a ton of money since a proposed rail system will cost the state upwards of $60 million to complete.

I'm pleased to see that someone like Elon physically can't put his ambitious ideas to the side and wait. The welcomed disease of wanting to enrich lives is hard to shake. If someone had to validate that the "too many hats" theory is farce, I'm glad Mr. Musk is doing it. All of the well-diversified entrepreneurs around the world thank you.