6 Super Easy Ways to Find Ideas for Blog Post Titles

Blog post titles can sometimes be underrated by lazy writers. Many writers and bloggers fail to understand that a title is the best advertisement for the post they’re writing - so it’s got to be good! Think about it; on your Facebook news feed, in your Email inbox, and after searching Google, you see hundreds of post titles every day. What makes you click on some and avoid others? A bloody good post title, that’s what! You want your post title to be so compelling, tempting, and inviting, that your readers have to stop what they’re doing and read it right then and there. Want to know how to do it? Here’s 6 super easy ways:

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Don’t Be Afraid; Be Bold


The key to thinking of a title that people feel compelled to click on is to be bold - go where no man has gone before (so to speak). Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement about the subject you’re writing about!


Use Charismatic, Powerful Words


Some words are tedious and boring (for example, the words ‘tedious’ and ‘boring’), but some words are much more exciting and charismatic. Make use of powerful words such as; amazing, awesome, thrilling, killer, and so on. Check a thesaurus if you’re stuck!


Make It Personal


Personal stories appeal to people because they have way more meaning than a title that looks like it was generated by a machine. Say things like, “How I Made £X amount As an Affiliate Marketer” to get people interested.


Get Creative and Be Unique


The only limit you’re faced with is your own creativity. If you can think outside of the box, and make your titles deliciously unique while you’re at it, you should get more readers than you’ve ever had. There are millions upon millions of blogs out there today; make yours clickable!


Search for Inspiration


If you’re really stuck, you can search for inspiration on other sites and then use what you’ve found to create your own ultimate, super-duper title. EzineArticles and Wikihow are both good sources, or for news articles try looking on Google News. Don’t rip off anybody elses title though - you’ll be defeating the object!


Try Using Lists


People seem to like numbers and lists when it comes to blog post titles. You could try saying something like, “11 DIY mistakes you should avoid”, or even, “5 SEO rules you should break”. These kinds of posts are very attractive to readers and manage to get lots of links and tweets.


Title Examples


Here are the kinds of titles you should be thinking of to help you:


  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dogs - this will appeal to people’s desire to learn things they don’t know.

  • SEO Myths Revealed - people love to find out the truth about a subject, or to learn that they were right about certain things.

  • Top DIY Mistakes You Should Avoid - people have a fear that they could make a mistake without knowing it.

  • How To Bake Cakes Like a Boss - people don’t just want to be good at what they do, they want to be the absolute best at it.

  • How To Learn Mandarin, The Easy Way - today’s society is an instant society, where people want things NOW. Nobody wants to work for anything really, do they?

The strategies listed here to help you generate blog titles will be useful if you are a regular blogger, a business offering writing services, or even a business offering a guest posting service. Use them wisely and generate lip smackingly good titles from here on in!