5 Traits An Effective Manager Must Possess

Having the right management skills and self-confidence make a person an outstanding manager. But what are these skills? If you are unwavering on your quest to become a better manager, here are the top 5 traits that you must have – An Effective Manager Is a Good Leader

Leadership is a vital quality that the most efficient managers possess. Fair and effective leadership means having developed the skills to guide the members of his team. He is someone who knows how to motivate or encourage everyone to attain the organization’s goals. He is also not afraid to make decisions for the team because he knows which path to best tread. If he ever fails, a good leader is someone who knows how to accept failures and has the capacity to pick up the pieces and move forward.

Being a good leader also means having confidence in one’s own abilities. He should be someone who is innovative and is not afraid to experiment, if in the end he stumbles, then he knows how to face the consequences.

An Effective Manager Has Great Communication Skills

Whether written or verbal, it is essential for every leader to learn how to communicate effectively. Communication always plays a major role when it comes to the manager-subordinate relationship. Delegation means the manager must communicate what he needs to be done. Constantly getting in touch with team members ultimately spells the difference between the organization’s success or failure.

An Effective Manager Is a Good Listener

A great part of being a good communicator is being able to listen. A manager can know the strengths and weaknesses of every team member if he listens intently to each. By listening, you will know what their views are, be able to accept their criticisms and would become aware of any brewing issue. As has always been said, communication is always two-way, meaning, you get to talk and you should also spend sometime listening.

An Effective Manager Knows How to Delegate

One of the best managerial skills is correct planning and delegation. Ideally, the manager should come up with fail proof plans and should know how to assign each task to the right team member.

To delegate, a good leader must know his employees’ skills; he should also effectively schedule every task so that they are done within the required timeframe.

An Effective Manager Must Have Common Sense

A manager without common sense is in danger of failing. Every decision maker must know what common sense is and should be able to decide with the least possible amount of formal theory or research.

One other name for common sense is wisdom where knowledge and accumulated experience are fundamental. For instance, it is common sense for a manager to promise only the things that he can deliver; keep communication open and to get along well with his team members.

Keep It Up

Once you acquire these necessary management skills, know that there are many other skills that you need to develop such as creating milestones, staying organized, veering away from micromanagement, pointing out time stealers, and many more. Develop each skill then move forward to other positive characteristics that will make you the best manager ever!

Samuel is a writer for Focused Umbrella. He writes about leadership skills, team motivation, and sales.