3 Words for 2015

At the beginning of each year, I like to pick 3 words to base the next year on. I do this from a business perspective most prominently, but of course, I do consider the personal side of the year as well. This year, I’ve chosen three words that I think encompass my goals and how I’d like to compose myself throughout the year. The words, and the reasoning behind each of them, are listed below.

1. Create: I think this should always be a word of mine. There is something about this word that I continue to gravitate to. The additional connecting word I used most with “Create” is “Value,” which at this point, is interchangeable to me. “Create” is more pronounced this year because I embrace failing. I’d rather create something insignificant than create something valuable that I didn’t enjoy making along the way.

This word will embody my new business ventures, my designs, and all forms of noticing problems. Once you identify a problem, you are forced to create a solution. I think that’s why I love the word so much.

2. Write: Some will undoubtedly argue that “Write” and “Create” are interchangeable. While I agree that writing is a form of creating, I use “Write” in the most specific of forms. I enjoy sitting at the computer and pouring out thoughts. Whether it’s a blog post or a chapter of a book, my goal is to deliberately sit down with nothing else in the way, and writing something. Any thing. Whatever comes to me. I just want to see words on the paper.

3. Laugh: This one is an interesting one for business because it overlaps with my ongoing struggle to mix humor with business. I’ve recently begun posting more humorous updates on my social feeds and continue to manage a few humor-driven websites. But I’ve always feared that doing this would compromise my serious business side. This will be the year that I stop worrying about that. I need to laugh more and take advantage of my sense of humor to make others laugh. No, I don’t want to be a comedian, but using the other two words on this list, I’d like to create laughter by writing jokes and thoughtful content.