Money, Time, and Safety

In every buying situation, a consumer is confronted by choice. There are competitors to audit. There are options that are more convenient to others. And there are the products that make us feel better. 

When you boil down the dozens of variables that arise from these purchase decisions, you'll find that they almost always can be reduced down to three motivators.

  1. Money: How much will it cost me?
  2. Time: How much time will it take (or save me)?
  3. Safety: Do I trust the company? Is the product reliable? 

Now go back to the many reasons you purchase something. Take that reason and ask yourself "Why?" Keep asking why to peel the onion down until you can't go any farther. 

You'll undoubtedly end up at one of the above pillars. 

Perhaps we should be modifying our marketing messages to ensure we encapsulate these three emotional influencers.