A Temporary Disruption

It has now been a week since my life has been uprooted by Hurricane Irma. After fleeing the state last Wednesday, getting caught in traffic, staying at hotels, and finally reaching North Carolina, we sought solace in Durham for five days. 

Meanwhile, over 6 million Floridians evacuated, businesses shut down, and the state prepared for the worst. 

There are still so many Florida residents without power. They've also announced that schools won't open again until next Monday. 

When all is said and done, the damage from Irma should not merely be measured by the visible destruction. It's the 7+ days of no work, the loss of power, the wear and tear of vehicles, and the emotional stress that amount to an unfathomable figure. 

The bright side? 

We're seeing the same generous humanitarian efforts as neighbors help neighbors, friends without power shack up with friends that do, and resources are being shared. 

If only we could come together in a similar way without requiring the damage first. It's something worth striving for.