When You Put the Time In

I don't want to hear anyone complain about not earning the outcomes they're striving for without tangible evidence of the hours of effort they put in.

It's a simple formula.

The more FOCUSED time you put into a project, the better it will turn out. While not all project outcomes rely solely on effort, putting forth an undying effort leads to success more often than not.

This was made even more clear to me this weekend when I was searching online for a video for my kids. The search was simple... "moana medley acapella."

Lo and behold - these were the top 2 results:

Not only were my kids quiet and captive throughout these videos, but they even had me thinking "this requires a lot of work."

If you think of either of the above videos as a project, we're talking days worth of combined hours to get to this output. There's costume, makeup, editing, and the incredible fact that each of those squares requires the entertainers to sit through the entire song each time. 

Think about that for a minute.

These entertainers deserve the 3+ and 5+ million views, and I'm glad my search yields these are results rather than the expected official songs and videos from the movie.

Long story short - Incredible talent + Relentless effort can make you an exceptional asset that is much easier to be discovered.