Unmeasurable Viewership

Everybody saw it coming, but no one (other than the technologies leading the evolution) prepared for it. 

As Disney cries about a massive downturn in viewership, not just of ESPN but also the Disney channel, the media is acting as if this is a newsworthy surprise. 

  • Do you know anyone anymore that hasn't considered cutting cable? 

  • Do you know anyone anymore that don't subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, or otherwise?

  • Worse yet, do you know anyone that doesn't have a jailbroken unlimited content device? 

All signs have continuously pointed to free and web-based content over the past few years. While Netflix and Hulu have the power to measure their engagements, many downloaded and pirated content are left untracked (and not advertised against). 

This leaves only one option. Content creators will continue to flock to streaming services while companies like Disney panic to try to figure out what to do with their original content. They'll need to act fast before these other juggernauts create something better and more interested to the viewers seeking simple and more cost-effective alternatives these days.