100 Hours Left

As much as we hate to admit it, we are insignificant beings on a very large planet within an immeasurable universe. Rather than let that get us down, we should use that as fuel to defy the odds. 

How significant can you be in this world?

How can you make as much of an impact as possible? 

If you're looking for motivation, there is no better thing to consider than "legacy." When you think of how you will be remembered after you pass, you begin to summarize the highlights of your life. 

Here's a little trick that I learned several years ago. It's kept me going and continues to stimulate my mind on a daily basis.

Live life as if you were told you had 100 hours left to live. Not 100 weeks. Not 100 days. 100 hours.

If you don't resort to hustling your way to doing something significant, you weren't meant to leave a legacy outside of what you've already accomplished. 

For any of you that haven't reached your goals yet (which I'm hoping is everybody reading this), wake up tomorrow with that mindset.

Let's see how your mind and body respond to such an urgency. 

Good luck!