The Power of Anticipation

We often underestimate the sheer power of anticipation. When you think about life's ebbs and flows, the good times are always what keep us going through the bad ones. There's much lesser of a force in this when looking backward. The act of looking ahead to something that excites you is what keeps us smiling.

Life is a series of countdowns. 

This can be proven through your excitement for that Bachelorette party you are going to Vegas for in a few weeks. You think about it daily at this point and can hardly sit at your desk during the day anymore. 

I'm constantly looking forward to events I put on my calendar. For me, it might be a concert, the birth of my next child, or an impending vacation next month. 

More than anything, if anticipation is made finite, you are living a happy and exciting life of fulfillment.

What do I mean by this? 

The reason people that love what they do are so happy is that they anticipate every single day. They wake up ready to attack the day. 

Don't be tricked into believing you have to make a job for yourself or a daily regimen you can thrive with. Instead, look at your current situation and figure out how to look forward to the moments you know you enjoy the most. We will do much better as a society if we make the most out of what we already have rather than overextend ourselves into believing we want something we might not. 

It's called "looking forward" to something for a reason. 

Stop underestimating your emotions.