My Exciting New Adventure

Today is my first day as the Director of Marketing for PartsMarket. 

Go ahead and Google the company. I'll wait. 

PartsMarket makes it easy to buy and sell used auto parts online.


My job will be to garner attention to the value this incredible company, and technology is creating for the automotive industry. I'll be getting in front of customers looking to buy auto parts (B2C) as well as garnering interest from auto professionals looking to sell the parts they source (B2B). 

This is an immense opportunity to disrupt an unproductive and antiquated space. The company is already on track to make a dent (pun intended) and I am extremely excited to join in the movement. 

I'll be checking in with updates on some of the marketing strategies I deploy for PartsMarket. As always, I will try to be transparent in my efforts because what works for me, and companies like PartsMarket, can work for many readers of this blog. 

If you feel there may be any synergies between what you do and PartsMarket, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I will look forward to changing an industry... together.