Fidget Marketing

Call it whatever you'd like, the battle for attention has never been so competitive. Noise has become the white variety, blanketing everything we are presented with a layer of uncertainty. The content marketplace has become more about flair than actual substance these days. 

With such little attention being spent on each item that consumers are inundated with, the opportunity of standing out exists only within a small window of time. 

Create a WOW moment that only takes a few seconds to understand.

For obvious reasons, that's not easy to do. 

So think about the following as you target your fidgeting audience...

  • Does your work draw the eye immediately?
  • Is the gist easily digestible?
  • Are too many actions required to abstract value from the experience? 

This isn't new to folks that live in the world of conversion rate optimization. It's just getting harder and harder to capture attention.