Accidents Happen

I couldn't believe what I was witnessing last night. It was the making of entertainment's greatest gaffe in history. 

It felt too ironic to be a mistake. The "darling" favorite film mistakenly wins best picture only to bow down to the indie favorite underdog. 

I'm fine with the results, but I'm not alright with the excuses I've heard. The process apparently has them print out two sets of winner envelopes. They do this to ensure they cover both sides of the entrances to the stage. It's dumbfounding that this could happen. Someone failed massively.

Despite the magnitude of this mistake, accidents do happen. There are many moving parts during this process. It's a perfect opportunity to investigate every component to determine the root cause.

Did the presenter grab the wrong envelope? This can only be avoided by only providing access to the right asset. 

Every single step in a process can be managed to avoid disasters like this one. You better believe that failure like this will lead to a change in the process. That's why we'll never see this happen again.