RSS, QR, and Other Acronyms

When I logged into my AOL Reader this morning, I was disappointed to be prompted with a notification that the product would be closing at the end of 2017.

I understand that this is an exercise in passing the buck, but this is getting old. I was a Google Reader user many years before they announced it's expiration. That's when AOL took advantage of the opportunity. Since they're a big company too, they probably now understand why it's not an ideal business to support.

But why is that?

Am I the only one still relying heavily on RSS feeds? 

Technologies that change the internet one day can become obsolete the next. The lack of excitement for an RSS reader reminds me of the rise and fall of the QR Reader. Remember the hype surrounding that?

So here I am - left trying to find my next RSS Reader. Where will I end up and how long will it last?