My New Content Tri-Fold

I operate much better under a strict regimen. Where another person might incubate their best ideas without constraints and routine, I like to know that I can get something accomplished when I expect to do so.

That's why you see so many episodic assets from me. I may not have kept up with all of them, but they're still exist. They thrive because I am able to establish the cadence and set an item on my calendar for it. 

You may already know about Ask Logan Lenz on LinkedIn, but I am hereby announcing that I will not only be revitalizing the Through the Lenz Podcast, but will also be publishing more video tricks for my LinkedIn audience. I'm calling the video series "Logan & Logout" due to its quick nature.

Here are the 3 rebranded designs that will be launching next week.

Through the Lenz Podcast.png