The Hum

Picture your radio dial. Imagine turning the dial to "1." 

What do you hear? 

Only if the song is extremely recognizable, will you even be able to make out what it is amidst the sounds of your car driving on pavement. 

You hear the radio's frequency more than the content itself.

Now turn it up a few to "3." Can you hear the melody now? 

As you continue to turn the dial to the right, your body begins to feel the beat and you begin to connect with the emotional component of the music. 

The hum is still there, but you can't hear it. Why? - Because you're now lost in the moment. Happily consumed by the melodic chaos.

This is what it's like to grow a business.

Once you get started, you'll hear that hum. It won't be clear until you pay closer attention or amplify your message.

The hum and the business are always there - vying for your attention. 

The trick is to get lost in the music as often as you can. 

Once you hear it, you'll feel it.

Once you feel it, others will follow. 

Nobody will notice that underlying hum.