Possessive Possessions

If you want to see all of the things that natural life accumulates over a lifetime, go to an estate sale. These individuals, regardless of their wealth, possess thousands of items, collectibles, and obsolete gadgets. It's a part of the natural evolution. If you never have a reason to assess what you have, it compounds forever.

But our life shouldn't be built by our physical possessions.

Now more than ever, I focus on what fulfills me and what makes me happy. Slowly but surely, you come to the realization that outside of the necessities, humans don't need much. A true minimalist will argue that you only need a few shirts and one pair of pants.

This newfound sentiment toward not having too many useless goods has me thinking much differently as holiday sales approach. 

I no longer strive to own a new television for 50% less. I don't want the new gadget that I won't use three months later. 

Best of all, I don't want to plague others with stuff they don't need. 

So I'm coming up with better ways to give gifts of value this year.

I feel very liberated this holiday season. Good luck selling me on your product this year. :)