"I Love My Life"

It's great that a lot of us shout this phrase with confidence. There's nothing more that you can ask for than true happiness. 



But what we don't realize in these moments is that this sentiment can be so extremely binary. If we were to believe every single person that proclaims such, we would be forced to think that those that remain are in the opposite category. 

That simply can't be true.

The truth is that no one is always happy - and not content about everything in life. And even the depressed experience plenty of moments of euphoria, just not often enough. 

So we owe it to ourselves to look inward and determine what truly makes us happy. Look deeper. Look beyond tangible things. Look past your stuff.

Instead, scour your meaningful relationships, your joyous memories, and your insatiable desires. That's the real stuff that true long-term happiness is made of.

The rest is artificial and temporary.