Health Care Reform

For those that weren't able to read my post about my move into employee benefits, you should be sure to read it by clicking the link below.

Please read: Why I'm Going All In On HR and Employee Benefits

Knowing why I'm so interesting in this space will allow me to speak more openly to you all about what I'm doing to work with everything that is happening surrounding health care reform in this country. 

My vision is to assist employers with the entire employee benefits process. I may not be the one creating the policies, but I am (and will be) someone that can enable and enact the best decisions that will help businesses win and prosper in the long-run. 

It's a large initiative, but it all starts with how this country handles health care. With more change looming, the only thing we can be certain about is that it's going to be a wild and fun ride along my path to seeing my vision come to fruition. 

If the below video is any indication, myself (and National Insurance and HR Consulting Group) is well-positioned to make a profound impact in 2017 (and beyond).