Too Much At Once

The best things in life are quite simple. They are clean, easy to use or understand, and solve a simple single problem. 

Sometimes we're all guilty of overthinking what's around us. We make things complicated just because we want to be stimulated and believe that there's more to it. 

There are no illusions or curtains hiding anything. Our lives should be made simple. Simple is easier. It's much less stressful. 

Being clean is simplifying your life - away from the complication that dirtiness brings about. 

Not having a ton of "things" is easier because you don't have to keep track of too much. 

Doing the one thing that excites you every day shouldn't be distracted from. It's simple to accomplish one thing. 


Let's try not to fall victim to saying yes too much. That's what gets us into situations that we can't control. Those are the stressful times when we have too much on our plates at once. 

Make it simpler to say no and keep doing that one thing - that thing that you love.