's Pivot

One of my websites,, is switching its focus starting today. I released an official announcement earlier this morning and will monitor the feedback throughout the week. 

Below is the message sent to our readers. 

It has been decided by our team that we will be halting the publishing of new blog posts immediately. We discussed the value that we are presenting and have realized that although we enjoy reporting on and reviewing great up and coming acts, we have other priorities to focus on as an operation. This does not mean the review blog will cease to exist. It merely means we'll just be publishing them without any sort of planned schedule.

Our focus moving forward will be our work with our agency, Jiggy Piggy. The goal is to continue helping indie artists make music their career. There is no better solution out there than Jiggy Piggy's, and we realize it takes a lot of effort to do the things we want to do.

So, we're sorry if you will miss our 3 posts per week cadence. While you won't get as much joy out of us on that front, we encourage you to check out what we're doing at Jiggy Piggy and reach out if you think you might need our services.

Thanks so much for your support over the years.

-Logan Lenz

Co-Founder of and Jiggy Piggy

As mentioned within, the team's focus will be on Jiggy Piggy's services moving forward. 

While we will keep the blog active and running, we aren't able to predict just how much we'll post yet. 

What we do know is that Jiggy Piggy has a lot of amazing plans for indie artists in the near future.