Travel Days

It used to be much easier to travel. Having only you as your responsibility allots for enough freedom to still get some work done while on the go. 

That's not the case for me anymore. Here's why: 

- 2 babies equals a lap child for both my wife and me. This literally means are hands are full at all times. 

- Packing them, carrying the extra luggage, and pushing the strollers insists on full-time attention. 

- Hotel accommodations are more specific. The hotel has to have certain kid-friendly products and features. 

Herein lies the inspiration for this post. Flying to San Francisco after waking up very early for the flight is a daunting feat. 6 hours for the flight, 1 more hour for baggage claim, another for the rental car, and we're already through half the day. 

Then, driving to rural destinations compounds to the fun.  

At the end of such a travel day, we're looking at about 18 hours of exhausting travel time in a single day - and that's not even considering the 3 hours that were lost in transit. 

I'll always love traveling, but it's the travel days that are the temporary challenge we will continue to need to overcome.