Send Some Fun To a Friend

I've quietly been reigniting old friendships via Facebook for the past few years. I branded my communicative efforts as #randomoutreach(es) and had some fun with the concept. 

A few years later and I've finally decided to organize the concept and re-purpose it for others to use as well. 

So I designed a logo and bought the available domain...

Next, I figured I would charge a nominal amount of money for people to have me create random outreaches on their behalf. After all, this could be a fun community-driven activity. 

Feel free to go through the site, skim through the first 2 seasons for examples, and anticipate the next batch of outreaches in September. I've already announced that September 7th will be the start of season 3.

Here are 2 examples of past installments:


Order a random outreach or submit your own creation - either way, I'd love to have you as part of the growing concept.