What Amazon Prime Day Means To Me

As Amazon stock reaches all-time highs today, everyone is talking about shopping the deals that Amazon is offering on Amazon Prime Day. 

This is my Amazon Prime Rib. 

This is my Amazon Prime Rib. 

I think I blogged about last year's event, so I'm sure this point will be redundant, but a day like today reminds us of the importance of controlling a market. 

I know what you're thinking... But Logan, only the juggernaut companies that control the world with market share have the ability to do this...!

The point is more about the content marketing side of the appeal. Amazon actually built a holiday themselves. They did this because they came up with a promotional campaign. Then they ran with it. 

Is it easier for them to orchestrate this because of their scalability? Of course.

But this isn't much different from any type of campaign. Name it, add a hashtag, and exploit the heck out of it. If you have enough of an audience, or influence, it could stick. 


After all, that's how virality is created.