Pokemon GO

I don't want to be like every other media outlet and talk about the pros and cons and my opinions of Pokemon GO. It's evident it's making a profound impact on the world - and there's no denying that. What is most interesting to me is the polarization of it. 

I'd like to act more as a passive observer here and let it play out.

The truth is - I think the technology is incredible, and it's just the start of some amazing things to come. 

Rather than leave it at that, however, I wanted to make sure people are aware of how the game was actually invented. In 2014, Google Maps' April Fool's prank was announcing the game. They called it the Pokemon Challenge.

It's obvious that the attention this prank received made Google realize that there was something to be done with their sophisticated geo-technology. 

Enter the actual Pokemon GO a few years later - which also explains why it's taken off so quickly. People have been anticipating this thing. 

I've already messed around with it a little bit. I don't think I have the time to get out there and level up as much as the younger kids are, but I will continue to check in to see how the technology within the game evolves.

More than that, though, I will keep my eye on the imitators that are bound to bubble up to the surface. That part is inevitable.