Targeting Emojis with Advertising

Twitter just changed the advertising game by announcing that advertisers can target tweets that feature emojis. 

We certainly do live in a different world today. 

Here are some examples of how it works:


Burger joints can target users that probably enjoy hamburgers. This applies to all types of food emojis, of course.


Jewelers might see an opportunity jumping into a conversation about buying a ring, or wedding planners can target couples that used the emoji after getting engaged.


How perfect is the hot beverage emoji for a company like Starbucks? Offer a coffee drinker a discount the next time they're in, simply because they obviously share those moments that they do enjoy a warm beverage - even while at a competitor's shop. 

You can also target by emotion and sentiment. This would obviously not be as focused, but it could still work well for certain types of companies selling emotionally-driven products/services.


I can't wait to experiment with this more and document the results. I also look forward to seeing how other advertising networks might piggyback off of this concept.