Feature Friday: Hulu's Autoplay

I like to sleep with some noise and a little bit of light. The easiest thing to do is keep the television on when we go to sleep. 


Since we halted cable, we've had to figure out a way to keep the television on throughout the entire night. It's kinda silly, but our Roku's favorite apps: Netflix, HBO, Seeso, etc. don't have options for continuous playback. You can't even set up a playlist. 

Hulu, however, came in to save the day. Their programs play perpetually by default - all while taking you through similar shows you may have never even watched before. Now we can choose any show at night, push play, and let Hulu do it's thing.


What has also become fun is the roulette game that has come about when I wake up. What show will be playing in the morning? It's interesting to see how Hulu ended up choosing some of the shows it weaves in and out of throughout the night. 

So kudos to Hulu for allowing us to sleep comfortably with your light and sound emanating into our subconscious sleeping brains. What would I do without you?