Favorite Jeans

You have a favorite pair of jeans. They fit perfectly. They look amazing on you.

You wear them as often as you can get away with. 

But every time you wash them, a piece of your heart dies.

You miss your jeans when they're not available in your closet. And you're always worried that they'll always come back a little different from the laundry. 


Then the inevitable happens. 

The jeans are no longer wearable. They become damaged, too faded, or simply don't fir like they used to anymore.

And what was once your favorite thing is now utter trash to you. 

You throw it out or give it away. 

But either way, the end result is the same.

You are forced to try to find an equivalent replacement. Or better yet - a pair of jeans that look even better on you. An upgrade!

So the cycle continues for as long as you choose to wear jeans...