The Comfortable Bed

We hope to sleep well every night. Rest is important. It's what invigorates us and allows us to reset before the day that follows.

Being comfortable while we sleep has come to be a default. We require a bed, a pillow, and some sheets or blankets to keep us warm. 

Being uncomfortable in a bed invites improvement. We can push the sheets to the side, fluff our pillows more, or switch positions. It's a temporal pain point that almost always results in a comfortable enough experience to accomplish the goal of falling asleep. 


What about the opposite?

Can we be too comfortable?

Being too comfortable breeds laziness. Why move, or change, when you've found your proverbial "sweet spot?" 

There is such a thing as a bed that's too comfortable. So if your goal is to get enough sleep to feel refreshed for the next day, you shouldn't plan to become too complacent at night. After all, you may never want to get up.