The 4 Things To Say To a Loved One Before They Die

In his book, “The Four Things That Matter Most” hospice specialist Dr. Ira Byock writes that there are four things that dying people long to hear and say to those they love before they pass.

Please Forgive Me

We all hold regret or remorse for something we've done to those around us at some point. Casting a wide net to catch all of this with just one statement allows the loved one to accept those moments and move on. 

I Forgive You

A solid relationship is based on reciprocity. If you've been forgiven, it's only right that you tell them they're forgiven too. There doesn't even have to be a single moment you can remember that you need to provide forgiveness for, but just hearing these words is like a comfy blanket covering you to keep you warm before sleep. 

Thank You

This can accomplish so much at once. We always hold the respect and admiration within, and most of the time, the simple outward acknowledgment goes a very long way. 

I Love You

There are no stronger three words in the world. 

More than anything, I've learned that these 4 words transcend those that are slated to expire from this Earth. These 4 sentiments are what can solve any tension, save relationships, and remind someone how important they are. 

Never forget to leverage these as often as necessary. Keep them in your back pocket and tell those around you how much they mean to you more often. I guarantee that it will make both of you feel that much better.