The Most Dangerous Writing App

I'm testing a 5 minute writing session using "The Most Dangerous Writing App." I loved the concept and had to see for myself if setting a time bomb around my writing regimen would yield different results. 

One paragraph in - and so far so good. The app's bold and big font makes typing fluid and more enjoyable than your standard Word processor. 


I'm one minute in and I know I need to just keep typing.

If I don't keep typing, the app will warn me that I'm being unproductive and threaten to delete everything I've already written. You can easily understand the value in this concept. 

If you write while in flow; if you can stay focused; you'll write more fluidly and create a positive habit out of it.

I think this is working so well that I may employ this tool for all of my writing. As long as you carve out a predetermined amount of time on your daily tasklist, you can set the timer and have at it. Finishing early wouldn't be a bad thing. That would just mean you are, in fact, writing with more of a purpose. 

With one minute left, I feel like I should begin wrapping this up. All in all, I think I'm most surprised by the number of words I can write in just 5 minutes. Yes, I may be rambling, but that's not the point. The point is that I'm putting my thoughts into the world. That's what writing has always been about for me.