March's 30 Day Challenge

After taking a few days off, I'm starting the month a day late. It's March 2nd, and I'm just now resetting and calling an audible for this month's 30 day challenge. With so much travel recently, and the delightful handfuls that I call my children, it's hard to be confident that I'll be able to stick to a new habit every day in March. 

However, I will try my best. And with that said, I will pick something I think I can - even while on the go. 

My book has been a little delayed. With this delay, a lot of pressure to update what I had previously written has presented itself. Needless to say, I need to start wrapping up my thoughts and ship the book ASAP (before it all becomes outdated). 

The book is still called Body of Work, and is still pending completion.

So what's the challenge in March?

Write a section of the book every day. 


It's as simple as that.

Will I complete the book this month? 

Odds are that I won't be able to accomplish that, but I do hope to get close. 

Only time will tell how March accommodates my plans. Either way, I will keep everyone updated on my Through the Lenz podcast

PS - By the way, February's challenge went as well as it could. I cooked almost every day I was home. But with so much travel, it felt like it wasn't a successful month.