Ichimoku Investing

A journalist crafted a mathematical formula based on what he observed of the economy in 1968. He didn't blindly invest in "trends" or "momentums." Or worse yet, he didn't bet on 50/50 chances. 

He didn't have to, but instead, he put in the work necessary for him to make the smartest decisions possible. He did this to protect his investments and try to reasonably forecast what the future might bring to the market. 

This journalist's name was Goichi Hosoda. He was a Japanese man with a desire to figure out how to create higher probability trades in the stock market. 

Fast forward to today, and there are investors and traders relying on this indicator to make their moves. Think about that, It has been almost 50 years since the formula was created. Yet, now it's still a reliable indicator. 


If you'd like to be rewarded in this life, put forth the work that ensures you make the right decisions. Going into something blindly, or without the necessary passion for it, is dangerous. It's your hard work and preparation that will allow you to keep your shirt during the more unpredictable times. 

So, I beg of you. Don't just fake it. Do the work and make it count.