Voice and Tone

I've always been blown away by Mailchimp's design aesthetic. In my opinion, they're a web app that has always led with the best user experience through intuitive, fun, and eye-catching design. 

Little did I know, however, that there is a reason this happened. It's because THEY CARE immensely about their perceived brand voice and tone.  

They care so much so that they publish an in-depth MailChimp Content Style Guide


This voluntary section of their website explains what their company represents and how they maintain their branding through strict guidelines. 

Some key takeaways?

Mailchimp's brand voice is:

  • Human
  • Familiar
  • Friendly
  • Straightforward

And they attribute good content to content that is:

  • Clear
  • Useful
  • Friendly
  • Appropriate

Give your brand a voice!