My Trip to Houston

Google Photos is a fantastic tool. I always inadvertently used it to store photos, but not until recently, did I truly explore all of its capabilities. 

Now that I've uploaded my entire phone to Google Photos, the platform is sending me automated creations that were made via an intelligent algorithm. 

For example, I recently took a trip to Pearland, Texas. When I returned home to Florida, Google Photos sent me an interactive album telling the story of my trip. 


The result is pretty impressive. It's even shareable enough to make a blog post about. 

One improvement, however? 

Let me embed the story as a widget. It would have been ideal to have it be an interactive experience within this post. Instead, I am forced to share it via the link below.

Regardless, Google Photos is a worthy value add that can free up your phone storage. Start uploading your pics and watch the tool create visual magic for you.